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Pittsburg State University

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About this Pittsburg State University

Comprehensive Enrollment Resource

Pitt State provides a comprehensive enrollment resource, guiding you through the process of kickstarting or continuing your academic journey. From application to course selection, they've got you covered. 

Community Experience:

Pittsburg State fosters a strong sense of community. You’ll find Gorillas (their mascot) everywhere – from street corners to murals. Joining this community means making lasting memories and connections.

Graduate Opportunities

PSU has seen an increase in graduate enrollment, with 109 additional students pursuing master’s degrees. If you’re considering further education, PSU provides a supportive environment for advanced studies.

Diverse Academic Programs

PSU offers a diverse array of doctoral and master’s degree programs, along with various graduate certificates and other academic offerings. Whether you’re interested in business, engineering, education, or other fields, there’s something for everyone.

Pittsburg State University, founded in the early 1900s, emerged to meet the need for teachers in Pittsburg, Kansas. Originally the Kansas State Manual Training Normal School Auxiliary, it began with one building and 54 students, focused on preparing educators for the industrial era. Today, Pitt State offers interactive courses across four colleges, impacting students and Southeast Kansas. Located in Pittsburg, the university boasts premier facilities for technology, business education, athletics, and the arts, with the distinctive Gorilla mascot. Despite changes, its commitment to education remains strong, rooted in its humble beginnings.

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