Pathway: Is my English sufficient to study abroad?

Some of the most common questions for those who want to study abroad are: Is my English sufficient? Will I be able to understand everything that is happening in the classroom?

There are some tests to help you with these questions, such as the IELTS and TOEFL. These tests ensure that everyone who enrolls in some international course can keep up with the professors. But what happens when we don’t reach the desired grades in these tests? That’s where Pathway comes in.

So, to help you to be one who can study abroad in countries such as Australia, where you can work during your studies, we prepared a guide showing what is a Pathway and if you need it in your journey.



What is a University Pathway?

The dream of studying at a university abroad often comes with a series of doubts and uncertainties. From the necessary prerequisites to academic preparation, it’s natural for many questions to arise throughout this process.

To facilitate admission to universities in Australia, there is a specific program known as the University Pathway.

This program can have a minimum duration of 4 weeks, depending on the student’s level of English proficiency at the time of the assessment test, as well as the proficiency level required by the educational institution they intend to attend. The number of weeks needed is determined by the institution itself after evaluating the English test.

The focus of the Pathway is on teaching academic language, offering classes aimed at developing essential skills for university success. These skills can vary according to the student’s level of English proficiency and include everything from conversation and academic vocabulary to public speaking, writing, preparation for university classes, and even scientific research techniques and proper citation formatting.

Additionally, the program offers practical activities, such as supervised visits to the country’s main educational institutions, providing students with a detailed view of the infrastructure and university campuses.

Upon successfully completing the program and achieving the necessary grades, students have the advantage of being able to apply to their desired university without the need to present English proficiency test results, such as IELTS or TOEFL.


Where Can You Take the Pathway?

Where Can You Take the Pathway?

The Pathway is ideal for those looking to improve their English and wish to study at renowned educational institutions in Australia, located in cities such as Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane.


Who Is the Pathway For?

The University Pathway program is intended for students who:


  • Have completed high school and plan to enroll in a college (diploma or bachelor’s degree) even with a low score on English tests.


  • Already have a university degree in Brazil and wish to enter a postgraduate program in Australia, even with a low score on English tests.


  • Do not yet meet the academic requirements demanded by Australian universities.


  • Do not have the required level of language proficiency for admission to the desired universities.


How Much Does a Pathway Cost?

The cost of a Pathway varies according to the chosen destination and the period indicated by the institution for completing the program. In some cases, the course has a minimum duration of four weeks. Additionally, in certain situations, it is even possible to work during the Pathway in Australia.


The Pathway in Australia is an incredible opportunity for those who wish to improve their English and prepare to enter a renowned educational institution in the country. With a focus on academic and linguistic development, this program offers a comprehensive experience, ranging from preparatory classes to supervised visits to universities.

Additionally, the Pathway provides a smooth transition to the university environment, preparing students for the academic challenges they will encounter. With the possibility of working during the course in some cases, this is a unique opportunity for cultural and academic immersion.

Count on Spiible Tech to make your dream of studying in Australia a reality! Contact us and find out how we can help you achieve academic success abroad with our courses.

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