Why choose the field of Game Design in Canada?

Investing in the field of game design in Canada is an excellent place for you to start, especially if you’re passionate about video games.

Investing in the field of game design in Canada is an excellent place for you to start, especially if you’re passionate about video games.

Studying in this field will take you beyond the screens and teach you everything you need to know about the complete game development process: you’ll learn software, production and pipeline, art and design principles, gaming platforms, scripting, asset management, and much more.


What does a professional in the field of game design do in Canada?


What does a professional in the field of game design do in Canada?


The work of a game designer involves some important stages to keep in mind before deciding to enter the field. As a game designer, your role revolves around transforming concepts into functional gameplay experiences. In this way, the work of a game designer is very similar to that of cinematography directors.

A game designer is tasked with several crucial responsibilities: overall game appearance, sketching and storyboarding, storyline, characters, plots, levels, settings and rules, gameplay mechanics.

These tasks shape the immersive worlds that players will explore, making game design captivating and multifaceted.

Essential Skills for Game Design in Canada:

In the field of Game Design in Canada, a designer needs to master several aspects to create engaging experiences. This includes understanding narratives, the intricacies of game software and hardware, programming languages, mathematics, player psychology, industry trends, budget and deadline management, as well as effective collaboration and testing.

Collaboration is key, as designers work alongside a variety of professionals, such as clients, developers, producers, writers, artists, programmers, sound engineers, animators, and testers.

If you’re passionate about games and believe you have or can acquire the necessary skills, a career as a video game designer may be perfect for you.


Essential Skills for Game Design in Canada - Spiible tech

A Flourishing Industry: Game Design in Canada

The gaming industry in Canada is experiencing rapid growth. Currently, there are nearly 1,000 active video game companies in the country, with Ontario being the largest hub. In 2021, the industry generated around US$ 4.3 billion in revenue, marking a 20% increase since 2019.

These companies directly employ approximately 33,000 full-time equivalents in the country. Moreover, the majority of employees in the video game industry work full-time positions.

It’s important to note that, like many roles, the role of a game designer may vary depending on where they work or the size of the company. For instance, a game designer may also be responsible for level design, or the company may have someone specifically dedicated to that production area.


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Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of this exciting sector and take a decisive step towards a rewarding career.

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