Student Visa – Exchange Program in Australia

Are you looking to take off in your career? Want to have an incredible study experience? Exchange is a great opportunity for that. Australia is a country that provides English speakers with excellent conditions for students from various nationalities. Spiible can help you!

Spiible takes pride in our knowledge of visas in Australia. We are an immigration and exchange agency specializing in study and work visas.

Here are the key pieces of information you'll need for your study and work visa in Australia. Let's start with the standard flow of a visa:

Imigrattion progress time

The processing time of the Australian Department of Immigration varies, but you can check the average time at here.

If you are outside of Australia

We recommend that you apply for your visa three months before the start of your course.

We do not advise purchasing your airfare until your visa has been approved.

The start date of your course does not guarantee that your visa will be approved by that date. Sometimes there are delays, and we may need to postpone the start of your course.

Bringing your family

Studying in another country doesn't mean leaving your family or being alone. You can bring your partner and/or children. Ask for more information from your Student Advisor.

If you are already in Australia

Once your visa application is submitted, you will enter a Bridging Visa A. You can study with this visa even if your student visa has not been approved yet. However, you won't be allowed to work until your course begins.

Visa - holiday period *

Course Duration
Vacation Period
Less than 10 months
1 month
More than 10 months
2 months
More than 10 months with course end date in November or December
Until March 15th of the next year

Rights and duties for working

Working a maximum of 48 hours per fortnight - also applicable to your partner.

Working full-time during holidays - not applicable to your partner.

If you are studying a Postgraduate-Master's degree, your partner can work full-time.

*Note: If you are on a Bridging Visa A, neither you nor your partner can work until your course begins."

Visa - Financial proof

Immigration requires every student to be able to financially support themselves and their dependents during their time in Australia. There are two ways to prove this:

1 - Financial Institution - Funds*

Current account statements for the last 3 months (you can use more than one source):

Calculation of required funds
Main Applicant
Living Cost
AUD$ 21.041 per year
AUD$ 7.362 per year
AUD$ 3.152 per year
AUD$ 2,000 per person
AUD$ 2,000 per person
AUD$ 2,000 per person
Course fees
Amount for the first year of the course (excluding CoE deposit)

2 - Income Verification

Relatives or partner not included in the application.*

* You can use available funds or annual income; however, you cannot use them together.

** If the financially responsible party is not you, we recommend using a direct relative.

OSHC - Overseas Student Health Insurance

OSHC (Overseas Student Health Insurance) is medical insurance that covers potential medical and hospital expenses during your stay in Australia.

Medical insurance is mandatory, and to apply for the visa, the student must be covered for the entire period they are in Australia with a student visa. At Spiible, we work with companies such as BUPA, AHM, NIB, among others. Our Student Advisers will help you find the best option for you.

We always include this amount in our budgets ;D

Cost of student visa

Visa Types
First Apply outside Australia
First Apply on Australia
Second Apply on Australia
Student Visa – Main Apply
A$ 717.17
A$ 717.17
A$ 1424.24
Dependent Apply + 18 Years Old
A$ 535.35
A$ 535.35
A$ 1,242.42
Depedent Applier – 18 Years Old
A$ 176.76
A$ 176.76
A$ 883.83

The amounts already include a 1.01% card fee.

Bridging Visa B

For students applying within Australia and needing to travel outside Australia while on a Bridging Visa A, you must apply for a change to a Bridging Visa B.

Cost: A$181.81.

The information on this page is for reference only, and Spiible Tech recommends verifying all details regarding your student visa for Australia on the Australian government website .

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